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Here's how to use it

The platform is designed around you; we don’t expect you to be a direct mail expert in order to use it. Follow the simple steps and our system will allow you to quickly progress from design through to despatch.
We continually optimise and improve our systems, aiming to make them simple and intuitive to use. Have you hit a snag or got an idea for how we could make the process better for you? We would love to know about it! Please let us know by raising a support ticket or sending us an email.

When you register our wizard will take you through a simple process to help you get your first campaign live:

What happens next...

Once your campaign is live on our system it moves into our production process.

First our technical team quality checks the files produced to make sure the system has used your data properly and hasn’t generated and errors or issues. Once they approve it the job is rendered into print ready files and passed to our production team.

The production team print, finish, envelope (if required) and sort you mail pieces, then they are quality checked again to ensure they meet our high standards.

Finaly your campaign is added to our daily dispatch, ready to be collected by our downstream access providers and injected into the Royal Mail delivery system or sent to international carriers as required.

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Flexible Templating

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Data Cleaning and Healthcheck