Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is a way for companies to communicate with new and existing customers to increase sales.  The basic premise of direct mail marketing is that the cost of the exercise is paid for by the incremental increase in sales and extra profit achieved.  This is known as the “Return On Investment”.

It is therefor essential that the campaign is effectively tracked and that sales are attributed to the correct campaign.  Digital advertising lures users to “Click” on a display advert and tracking is facilitated by a unique URL link behind the click.  This “redirects” the user click through a tracking server onto the destination web site landing page.  The user converts to the required goal and the ROI can be calculated instantly and an acquisition cost price is worked out.   Each campaign can then be individually optimised and media bid prices are changed accordingly.

Progammatic advertising takes hold of the complete process using complex algorithms and optimises the whole process from start to finish in real time.  This is why programmatic advertising is controlling over 50% of the online digital ad spend in 2016.

Offline direct marketing was left by the roadside over the last 10 years, it was viewed as expensive and old school.    Email marketing took massive chunks of offline marketing budgets with great success.  Over the last 2-3 years email opening rates have declined so much that they are now below 20%.  Customers who are not digitally savvy are being ignored by marketing communications.  This is especially prevalent in the older generations (age 50-70). is a crossover, it can be controlled programmatically so template messages can be generated dynamically and sent to users who are not responding to email or display campaigns.

The offline campaign can be tracked easily by analysing the data the campaign was sent to and the sales which are generated

A daily print run in processed for letters and postcards and they are sent using the Royal Mail’s advertising mail discounts. can send individual mail pieces for as little as 35p.  The company has hundreds of clients especially in the gambling sector sending hundreds of thousands of mail pieces a week.

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