eMail Opening Rates Are CRASHING!


eMail Service Providers are suffering from declining opening rates around the world because of a simple and extremely effective rule anyone can set up.

By simply creating an email rule where it looks for the word unsubscribe in the body text of any email it will filter 100% of your emails into the junk folder.

This NO COST solution is so easy to do anyone can set it up in 2 mins flat.

DID YOU KNOW?  EU legistaltion (PEC2003) forces all email communications from Businesses to Consumers (marketing) to contain an usubscribe link.

How can I send direct Mail?  Well there is a resurgence of companies switching back on their offline postal campaigns by making use of Hybrid Mail solutions like  This is where the mail is printed and sorted at an industrial scale and big discounts are achieved which makes posting affordable once again.