undoing a zip to reveal 2019

2019 has kicked off with a bang for the team here at Stannp.com; here’s a roundup of events so far!

UPS CASS Certification for the USA

Are you sending Direct Mail in or to the USA? We are delighted to announce that Stannp is now US Postal Service CASS certified; giving you pinpoint accurate postal service throughout the United States at no extra cost.

Direct Mail Genius

Our Sales Director Darren Stepsky was recently recognised as a ‘Direct Mail Genius’ by the website Top Content. Read the full article on the TopContent website to find out what he said!

MP Visit

Stannp recently hosted a visit from our local MP Peter Heaton-Jones, who was interested in finding out more about Stannp’s startup success story and future growth plans.

Stannp Platform Updates

We’ve recently rolled out some updates to the platform to make our service even better for our awesome customers. Some of the key new features include;

Faster Data Upload – data imports are now up to 100 times faster, making it even easier to setup campaigns of any size.

Inline Colours – our online designer now supports inline colour, so you can use multiple colours in a single text block.

Status Reporting – we’ve improved our reporting page to give you more information about the status of each item.

Cancel Single API Items – noticed an error in the recipient data you are sending over the API? you can now delete single API items from your reporting page.

It’s been a fantastic start to 2019 for the Stannp.com team and we are looking forward to more exciting developments throughout the year.