Using InDesign with Stannp

The team at Stannp like to help our customers wherever we can. We’ve recently had a number of queries about using Adobe InDesign with the Stannp platform, so we’ve produced this handy blog post as a reference to make life as easy as possible for our inDesign users.

Design Tips

If you need some tips on the content of your design, we have some really useful blog posts you might like to read;

When designing your campaigns you may also like to refer to these other helpful posts;

Exporting from Indesign

When you have completed your design(s) and you are ready to export them from InDesign, simply copy the settings in the screenshots below.

Your PDF should now be perfectly formatted to upload straight into the Stannp platform, ready for your next Direct Mail campaign.

We hope you find our InDesign Guide helpful. For more helpful hints, tips, guides and info you can find us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn, or feel free to speak to your account manager if you have any questions or need any help.            #WeKeepYouPosted