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Year of The Postcard 2020

Unless you’re a keen delitologist* you probably won’t realise this, but 2020 is an important anniversary in postal circles; its the 180th anniversary of the first known postcard.

Stannp are celebrating this event with our Year of The Postcard 2020. We will be posting events, offers and fun items throughout the year; follow #YOTP2020 now to make sure you don’t miss out!

The First Postcard

The first postcard on record was posted in Fulham in July 1840. It was sent by Theodore Hook, a ‘man of letters’, composer, and renowned practical joker.

The postcard is also thought to be one of his practical jokes, as the image is a caricature of the post office workers who would have been delivering the card.

The Postcard bears a Penny Black stamp, which was the world’s first postage stamp and had only recently come into circulation, on 1st May 1840.

Theodore’s postcard resided in a private stamp collection for many years, until being sold at auction in 2002 for a record £31,750. 

Stannp’s Year Of The Postcard 2020

Here at Stannp we love a postcard, be it A5, A6, enveloped, or naked! We send many thousands of postcards a month on behalf of our fantastic customers, so naturally we want to celebrate this amazing milestone.

We’ll be posting events, offers and fun items on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn throughout 2020 and would love you to join in; follow our #YOTP2020 hashtag to make sure you see all of our posts.

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*Delitology is the collection and study of postcards.

Worldwide, delitology is the third-largest collecting hobby, after stamp collecting (Philately) and coin & banknote collecting (Numismatics) .