Transactional Mail

Broadly speaking Transactional Mail is any mailing that is sent to a customer with details of their specific transactions, i.e. their financial interactions with your organisation.

This differs from Direct Mail marketing in that the primary purpose of the Transactional mailing is providing information to existing customers, rather than sending an offer or promoting a commercial message.

Like Direct Mail, Transactional Mail is built on the data you have about your customers. However, rather than delivering a marketing message driven from the data, it communicates some or all of the data directly to the customer, for example, their outstanding balance.

It is a one-to-one communication with an individual, communicating personal information about their purchases, preferences, legal information, membership details, changes and updates to the services they use, etc.

Transactional Mail Recommendations

When you use Stannp for your mailings your company is the Data Controller, with Stannp being the Data Processor and acting on your behalf.

Ultimately it is up to you to choose whether or not any particular mailing is transactional, however we recommend you use our Transactional Mail service for these types of mailings;

  • Bills, invoices, receipts
  • Statements, loans, pensions
  • Agreements, contracts, renewals
  • Reminders, debt collection notices
  • Any other financial details
  • Passwords, login information, codes, PIN numbers
  • Membership details, account numbers
  • Mailings that include Special Category Data (e.g. ethnicity data, genetic data, health data, sexual orientation, etc.)
  • Employee information
  • Solicitors letters, letters of authority
  • Duty of Care letters, customer alerts, product recalls
  • Any other sensitive data

Send Transactional Mail with Stannp

When you send Transactional Mail with Stannp our systems separate your mail from any other mailings, producing a dedicated Transactional mailing job. 

Every mail campaign that Stannp produces is quality checked throughout all of our processes, in line with our ISO9001 & ISO27001 accredited Quality Management System (QMS).

Our QMS also specifies additional quality checking processes for Transactional Mail that ensure your mailings are 100% right first time, every time.

Most of our Transactional customers use our API to integrate Stannp with their CRM processes, triggering individual mailings from specific customer actions over API.

However, it is also possible to send an uploaded or triggered campaign as Transactional Mail; please contact your account manager before booking your campaign if you wish to send Transactional Mail this way rather than over API.

Transactional Mailings incur a small additional charge (as detailed on our pricing page) to cover the costs of these additional measures. Royal Mail doesn’t classify Transactional Mail as Addressed Advertising Mail, and it therefore doesn’t qualify for Admail postage discounts.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are new to Stannp simply register for a FREE account, and our friendly customer service team will get in touch to help you find your way around the Stannp platform.

Alternatively if you would like to have a chat with our team before you sign up, you can call us on 01271-344507 or via the ‘web-chat’ on this website.

If you are an existing customer, simply contact your account manager who will happily talk you through the process.

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