What is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid Mail simply means posted mail (letters, postcards, leaflets, brochures etc…), delivered using a combination of electronic production and physical delivery.

Hybrid Mail is Stannp’s speciality, in fact it’s the reason we exist. Stannp was incorporated in June 2014, with the purpose of offering SaaS mail solutions; offering companies fully digital, integrated solutions to their direct mail needs.

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The Advantages of Hybrid Mail

Is your team spending time and money preparing, printing and posting mail? Switching to Hybrid Mail saves your business both time and money; 

  • No more printing, folding and inserting
  • No more sticking stamps or franking envelopes
  • No more trips to the post box or bagging mail for collection

Using Stannp’s Hybrid Mail platform your team can do all of this without leaving their desks, and our solution includes printing and posting, all for less than the cost of a 2nd class stamp!

Other advantages of Hybrid Mail;

  • No need for you to store envelopes, letterhead paper, etc; we print the letterhead at the same time as the rest of the letter.
  • No wasted paper; we only charge you for the exact amount you send. If your logo or letterhead changes simply update the design; there’s no stock to recycle or scrap.
  • Increased staff productivity; your team can send mail to customers or prospects from their desks with a few simple clicks, and spend more time on your core business tasks.
  • Reduced costs; Because of the volume of items Stannp send, we have access to discount postage rates. We pass these rates on to our customers in our great prices, offering considerable savings compared to using stamps or franking.
  • Speedier service; Stannp’s proprietary software pre-sorts your mail to Royal Mail’s requirements before printing. Pre-sorting allows us to use Down Stream Access (DSA) and inject your mail directly into the delivery network. This allows us to offer you a speedier service; our standard 2nd class service reaches your recipients 2-3 days after dispatch.
  • Flexibility; Send exactly what you need, when you need to send it. No minimum volume, no minimum spend, and no forward contracts or ongoing commitments.

How Does it Work?

Stannp’s Hybrid Mail solution is fully digital up to the point of print;

Simply register for your FREE Stannp account, upload your document and data, create you design in a few simple clicks, approve the PDF proof,  book your dispatch date and pay. 

We merge, sort, print, finish, envelope and dispatch via DSA into the Royal Mail network for onward delivery. 2-3 days later your letters, postcards and other mailings are in the hands of your recipients.

Our platform dashboard and reporting pages provide you with status information about all of your campaigns, allowing you to see where your campaigns are in the process and when they are dispatched.

Different Types of Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail is sometimes referred to by other names;

  • Direct Mail – In the context of Stannp this is simply an alternative name for Hybrid Mail, used interchangeably.
  • AdMail – a Royal Mail specific phrase, this is Hybrid Mail that is specifically for marketing purposes, and meet’s Royal Mail’s AdMail specifications.
  • Marketing Mail – Similar to AdMail, for marketing mailings with other National carriers (such as USPS). Sometimes used in the UK as an alternative name for AdMail. 
  • Transactional Mail – Hybrid Mail which is sent to customers containing details of their specific transactions. Read more on our Transactional Mail page.

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