The Price of Mail

Are you feeling the pinch of Royal Mail’s recently announced stamp price rises?*

According to the BBC website the latest increase has angered businesses, with the Federation of Small Businesses calling it “just another expense that small businesses will be forced to carry.”

Whether your business is large or small, Stannp can help you negotiate the deregulated mail market and find the best possible price for your mail requirements. Whether it’s AdMail, Transactional Mail, Hybrid Mail, Marketing Mail, Direct Mail, or any other sort of mail nationally and internationally, Stannp can help.

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2nd Class Stamp Prices

Stannp’s standard service is officially second class; from March 2020 the price of a 2nd class Stamp from Royal Mail will rise to 65 pence each, the maximum allowable under the Ofcom price cap.

Image © Feb 2020

Stannp’s prices for 2020 are from just 34p for postcards or from 40p for enveloped letters, printed and posted

Stannp’s Down Stream Access (DSA) into the Royal Mail network means that while our second class service officially takes 2-3 working days to arrive, our customers tell us that their campaigns frequently arrive earlier, offering very similar service levels to a 1st class stamp.

1st Class Stamp Prices

Stannp also offers a first class post service; from March 2020 the price of a 1st class Stamp from Royal Mail will rise to 76 pence each.

Image © Feb 2020

Stannp’s 1st class pricing for 2020 is also given on our pricing page. First class post adds an additional 31p per item,  meaning we offer 1st class service  from just 65p for postcards or from 71p for enveloped letters, printed and posted

You can read the full Royal Mail press release about March 2020 stamp price increases on their website here.

The postal regulator Ofcom said: “Royal Mail has the flexibility to set its own prices in order to respond to a rapidly-changing market and safeguard the universal postal service. Ofcom imposed a cap on the price of a Second Class stamp to protect vulnerable consumers, and these price increases are within this safeguard.

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*Stamp images © Royal Mail