Royal Mail Mailshot Maker

Are you a MailshotMaker customer and worried about Royal Mail closing the service from 23rd March 2020?

Don’t worry, Stannp can help you! As a Royal Mail “Mail Made Easy” Partner and Direct Mail specialist, Stannp makes it easy for you to create and send mailshot campaigns.

How Does it Work?

If you are not yet a Stannp customer, simply register for a FREE account and you can get started straight away.

Once you’ve registered, our friendly customer service team will be in touch to help you find your way around the Stannp platform.

The platform allows you to easily upload your creative design and address data, add your text and personalisation fields, and immediately view a print-ready proof of your final campaign.

Simply check and approve your proof and choose your despatch date, and Stannp will do the rest.

Can I Use My MailshotMaker Designs?

The information we currently have from Royal Mail is that any MailshotMaker designs that you have previously created will no longer be available after 23rd March 2020, and you need to “keep local copies of any creative work you want to access after this time.”

We strongly recommend you download all of your designs from MailshotMaker before the 23rd of March deadline.

If you have your designs as PDFs or JPGs it is highly likely you will be able to continue to use the same designs in the Stannp platform; please contact our friendly customer service team on 01271 344507 if you need help setting up your campaigns.

Alternatively, our Easy Design Templates will help you quickly create an effective mailing design.

Other Tools At Your Fingertips

Stannp have a number of tools available online, all the time, to assist you in making your Mailshot campaigns as effective as possible. 

Address Verification – Whenever you upload address data, the Stannp platform automatically verifies your UK address data against the Royal Mail PAF file (it also verifies US addresses against the USPS CASS). 

Data Health Check – Our optional Data Health Check service allows you to check your address data and remove recipients who have moved house, are deceased, and/or have registered with the Mail Preference Service.

Postcode Radius Search (PRS) – A fantastic Free of Charge service; simply choose a postcode and a distance from that postcode, and Stannp’s PRS will create a recipient group containing all addresses within your chosen area.

Filters, Blacklists & Triggers – Send to exactly who you want to reach, when you want to reach them, by filtering, blacklisting, and setting trigger dates.

Live Performance Dashboard – All of the important information about your campaigns and your Stannp account on a single page. 

Rolling Mail Campaigns – also known as Triggered Campaigns; a great way to produce highly relevant, timely, automated mailings for your customers, prospects and interested contacts.

Triggered Campaigns Guide –  Set up your campaign in advance, but send to each recipient on different specific dates in the future.

Dynamic Content Guide – Direct Mail is at it’s most effective when the content of the mailing is personalised and tailored to the person receiving it. Dynamic content allows you to automate this process so everyone you send to receives a personalised mailing.

We hope you found our article about migrating from the Royal Mail Mailshot Maker useful. If you have any comments or feedback we would love to hear from you.

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