The fantastic team at Royal Mail Market Reach have put together some new information on how mail can deliver value during this Coronavirus outbreak.

Stannp are a Royal Mail Mail Made Easy partner, and they have given us permission to share this latest information with you.

Market Research

Unsurprisingly, Royal Mail’s latest market research has revealed significant new concerns and changes to behaviour in the UK population.

People are most concerned about;

  • Friends /family
  • Risks to the elderly
  • People who are already sick

People have made significant changes to behaviour. It has become the new norm to;

  • Take more personal hygiene measures (wash hands frequently, try not to touch my face)
  • Keep informed (spend more time reading news & keeping up to date)
  • Avoid public places

How Mail Can Reach People

There are Seven key characteristics of mail that mean now more than ever, mail is THE medium to reach people and deliver value now.

  1. Mail is a safe medium
  2. Mail can reach anyone and everyone
  3. Mail is reassuring
  4. Mail has a physical impact
  5. Mail can signpost services
  6. Mail connects communities
  7. Mail connects people online 

Mail is a safe way to communicate; evidence to date suggests that it cannot transmit the COVID19 virus.

Mail can reach everyone;  Mail can be targeted to individuals & households across the country, offering regional & national reach.  

Targeting (for example Stannp’s Postcode Radius Search) can help reach the most vulnerable and high risk to those of a certain demographic or area.

Mail is trusted; it’s a proven and secure method to deliver important messages from brands, businesses, councils and government.

Mail has a Physical Impact; Mail is opened and read. People give it their full attention, making it ideal to deliver important messages.
It delivers a physical useful reminder for key messaging which supports behaviour change.

Mail can Signpost Services; It raises awareness for local messaging, and can deliver maps and details of local services which can be kept and referred back to.

Mail can connect vulnerable audiences to key services, information and support.

Mail connects online; 70% of people go online to the senders website after receiving mail. Mail can raise awareness of online services, and provide information on how to access them.

Ideas For Businesses Using Mail

Mail reaches people in their homes.

  • Retail & Local restaurants – offer delivery/take-away services, restaurant vouchers for meals to be redeemed in the future, reassurance of on-going service, expansion of services (e.g. deliver a meal and groceries together).
  • Supermarkets – information sharing; priority shopping times for vulnerable and NHS audiences, tips to manage safe access, guidelines on what to expect in-store, signposting to other community support.
  • Government /Councils– reach vulnerable audiences, give reassurance around social distancing, tips, how to reduce loneliness, dispel Corona virus myths, information on access to new support.
  • Financial Services – send letters to customers offering mortgage respite, short-term loans, small businesses strategies & support, guidelines for heavy branch users on accessing online or phone services.
  • Credit cards – send guidelines for non-users on card use, give support for those with short term high credit needs.
  • Utilities – send offers of short-term price caps, reassurance about on-going services, advice about managing costs (as staying at home may raise energy use)
  • Telecoms – send customers information about increasing data packages, bundle services, extending key services in the short term, tips on ensuring best quality WiFi.
  • Charities – send info about services with home food delivery, offer help with online shopping/ordering prescriptions, mental health support, updates on how you can offer support.

Support Customers Now and Build Valuable Long Term Relationships

In this current climate it could be the right time to get close to customers in a way that can deliver real value. Stay an important part of their lives now, and you’ll be ‘front of mind’ after this virus epidemic passes.

This requires careful planning and thought about what your brand offers and how it fits into customers’ lives. Our recent article about Communicating In A Crisis may help you here.

  • If you are going to engage customers at this time, the message should be relevant, useful, helpful, clear. People may have time – but they don’t have time to waste.
  • All communication should establish your brand and its values, be authentic. Tone of voice and approach are vital in supporting those messages. Any communication should be useful, relevant and helpful to the majority of recipients (without being reactive) – focus on what your brand delivers and how it can make a difference to people.
  • Consider what is the right medium for the message. More complex information, or messages that people will want to save are ideal for mail.
  • Humour is much needed at this time but be very careful; avoid being frivolous or appearing not to recognise the gravity of the situation, this will damage rather than help your business.

We hope you find our Delivering Value In A Crisis article helpful, If you have any comments or feedback we would love to hear from you.

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