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Has Coronavirus Affected Postal Response Rates?

As you will no doubt be aware, we are all living through unpredictable times, with a constantly changing situation around the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve written a number of pieces previously about Direct Mail response rates, including pieces on;

Has Coronavirus Affected Postal Response Rates?

We are seeing early feedback from our customers that is starting to indicate that response rates are increasing during this Coronavirus lockdown.

We don’t yet know the reason, but our hypothesis is simple; many more people are working from home, and are already online and near a phone when their post arrives.

Direct Mail is known to be great for driving recipients to websites, for example the latest information from Royal Mail research indicates that 70% of people go online to the senders website after receiving mail.

Mail raises awareness of online services, and provides information on how to access them.

We think the increase response rates may be simply a function of availability; your recipients are working from home, the post arrives and it is immediately to hand (and possibly an easy distraction from work!)

As they pick up their post your targeted, personalised bespoke offer catches their eye; with their laptop already open and phone to hand it is easier than ever for them to respond straight away.

It’s early feedback and we don’t yet know for sure; these are our thoughts based on 30+ years of Direct Mail expertise from Stannp’s in-house experts.

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