Sign-Up to Become a Partner Today!

If you are interested in becoming a partner of and send us customers we would like to reward you for this. We have structured a deal where we will pay you for every customer you deliver us.


£50 / New Customer


  • Minimum spend £100
  • No bidding on brand terms on search engines.

Administration: We use an accredited 3rd party affiliate network (Affiliate Future) to administer our partnership relationships. We rely of them for:

  • Independent verification of tracking and commission payments between both parties.
  • Handle all billing and out payments.
  • Distribute our latest creative assets such as emails & banners.

Next Steps:

  1. Sign up with Affiliate Future by clicking on the below button. Its free to sign up with them and only takes 2 minutes.
  2. Then once you have logged in you will be on their homepage click on “Programmes”.
  3. Click on the sub menu “Merchants not joined”.
  4. In the merchant name input “Stannp” & click SUBMIT.
  5. You will see the programme appear and click on it.
  6. Scroll down the “Programmes Not Joined” section and click on the “JOIN” text.
  7. You will then be automatically approved and you can then access banners which you can put on your website which have unique tracking links embedded within them.
  8. Tracking of all registrations is real time and we update commission payments weekly.
  9. You can monitor you commissions by going to the reports section.


Contact: Once you sign up to our affiliate programme you will get an automatic email from our Growth Director with his contact details. If you need anything further just reach out. Pssssst his email is Sam@…