Types of campaigns

Time Sensitive: You can set up and send the campaign with an hour and if we receive it before 3pm we will dispatch it the same day. The card will be dispatched by Royal Mail 2nd class and will hit the doormat within 2 working days. This means that if you have a rush job on we can deliver for you every time.  Read our case study how Moorland Fuels send out campaigns as soon as the weather looks like a cold snap is on the way…

Trigger Based: Many companies have customers who renew their service annually such as insurance companies, dentists or vets. Our system enables companies to upload user data (which includes the renewal date), they set up a template creative and assign the data to this creative. The campaign is set to trigger based on the date variable and will automatically dispatch a template postcards X days before the renewal date.  This solution means that the system does the work for you and once you have set it up it will just run and run.

Segmented: Email Marketing is a great solution for contacting customers in a cost effective manor. We believe that companies should not rely on email alone as opening rates are only 35%. This means that if you are only doing email marketing 65% of you customers never hear from your brand again after they purchase from you.  By segmenting customer data companies can target people who do not open emails and send them a postcard instead. Check out our case study from VegetableSeeds.net who did exactly this with great success.

Multi-Part: Advertisers today have different elements making up their marketing mix. This can consist from TV, Radio, Digital and Direct Marketing. Our platform enables a marketeer to set up and administer their direct marketing and coordinate the delivery of the campaign alongside their other campaigns.  Our dedicated account managers are on hand to support you administer your campaigns also.

Integrated: Our platform has a full API which means that you can integrate with it seamlessly and post and update data in real time. This means that campaigns running automatically based on trigger events will looks for data which had been updated. Any new or updated data can be selected and a postcard is sent out. Our direct marketing platform becomes an extension of your company and we take the pain out of delivering complex solutions.