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Guide: Use Zapier triggers to send letters

You may have heard of Zapier by now. It helps you easily connect web services so you don’t have to code API requests. Imagine you want to trigger sending a letter out using Stannp whenever you have a new customer register on your Magento online shop. With a few clicks Zapier can set that automated …

eMail Opening Rates Are CRASHING!

eMail Service Providers are suffering from declining opening rates around the world because of a simple and extremely effective rule anyone can set up. By simply creating an email rule where it looks for the word unsubscribe in the body text of any email it will filter 100% of your emails into the junk folder. …

Guide: How to create letters with our API

There is not enough hours in the working day, that’s why we offer the ability to automate sending letters using our platform. Our API enables you to programmatically send letters with ease. Here are a few examples of ways to use our letter API. Examples are shown by screenshots of Postman. Be sure to view …

Guide: How to import data using the dashboard.

To send your mail piece you will need to import a list of recipients to our platform. There are multiple ways to achieve this such as using our API to feed data in but the most popular and simple approach is to upload a CSV or Excel file using the dashboard.   The correct format …

We are looking to hire a web developer are looking to recruit a talented web developer to join our team. We are seeking an ambitious and motivated person with experience developing websites and web applications. We are a rapidly growing start-up who offer web to print direct mail services. We have an established client base who love our simple set up procedures …

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is a way for companies to communicate with new and existing customers to increase sales.  The basic premise of direct mail marketing is that the cost of the exercise is paid for by the incremental increase in sales and extra profit achieved.  This is known as the “Return On Investment”.

Direct Mail Services

There are many different companies which offer direct mail services. for example is a web to print mail house which enables companies to send out their direct mail all from a simple web site. 

Direct Mail Response Rates

You might be thinking of running a direct mail exercise and unsure about how to work out what sort of response rates you are likely to receive.  There are many variables when considering this but there are some good rules of thumb you can work to. 

What is a Franking Machine

A franking machine is a useful tool to any company looking to send out high volumes of mail.  They essentially print a stamp of the mail piece and save you money at the same time.  The cost saving a franking machine can deliver over the Royal Mail is roughly 20%.