Our app and web interface enables people to take a picture add effects and overwrite text. This image can then be shared via facebook, emailed or more importantly it can be turned into a postcard. Add the address and a message for the back of the card and it will be printed and posted the same day. We charge 1 credit per printed postcard and you get your first one free!
Yes we have a full web interface also which you can add credits and create cards from the site Stannp.com
It costs only 1 credit per card to be sent to anywhere in the world.
The more credits you buy the cheaper they become. To buy 1 credit it costs 1.49. If you buy lots of credits this price will come down to 99p. Remember your first credit is free.
There is no catch! We simply want you to try this service because we think it is so great. We limit it to one free card per phone and we log each phone so people can not abuse the system.
Yes you can send the card anywhere in the world for the same price of just 1 credit.
The cards are dispatched using the world famous Royal Mail from the UK and if it is sent to the UK it will arrive within 3 working days, if sent before 2pm. If the card is sent outside the UK it will take 3 -5 days.
We print on a 350gsm card with a tough laminate finish so that the images are protected as they go through Royal Mails sorting machines.
Please check the address that you have inputted on the card. This can be done by clicking on the Sent Card tab in the My Account section. You can see the card and the address it has gone to. It might be that you are sending it abroad and it has been stuck in transit. If this is the case please wait at least a week. If you are sure the address is correct and you have waited a week then please get in contact and we will
We are very sorry you have had a problem with the card please report this to us and we will have the card reprocessed free of charge.
Please input your email address in the lost password section and it will reset your password. Then try logging in. If you are still having problems please fill in the contact us section and we will investigate the problem.
Please click on the forgot password link and we will send the username and password again to you on email.
Yes you can send a card to facebook and it is completely free. Just make an image and then share it on facebook.
Yes you can send a card via email and it is completely free. Just make an image and click the share it by email link and add in the recipients email address and it is.
Yes you can send a card to multiple people. When you are adding the address simply keep on adding addresses in and the card will go to multiple people.
Great, we want to hear how we can improve the service we offer you so please get in contact and we will look at every suggestion seriously and get back to you.
Yes your details are safe with us and we will not share them with any 3rd party ever.
No the only way your images will be shared is if you use the app and either share them on facebook, email or have them printed as a postcard.
If you find you can not pay with paypal from your iphone and the button is grey this is because when paypal couldn't find a network connection. You may have to close the app and relaunch it. You can do this by going to the home screen and holding the home button for a couple seconds.
The credits expire after 24 months if there is no activity on the account. As soon as you send another card it reactivates and you get another 24 months.
Yes you can move the text around on the image. Using the app you:
1. Select photo
2. Go into the editing system
3. Insert text
4. Write text
5. Then select Done **IMPORTANT if you select apply you can not position the text**
6. Hold your finger on the grey circle to drag the text around the photo and to rotate it
The new IOS 6 Privacy settings menu allows users to control what apps can access photos and more.
We'll turn on Facebook's access to the camera roll.
These same directions can enable app access to photos and other information if an app says it cannot access photos or contacts and points a user to Privacy Settings.
Open Settings,
Tap on Privacy at the bottom of the screen, some users may need to scroll down to see the Privacy menu,
Tap on Photos,
Find the Stannp app in the list of apps and slide the toggle to On.
Please make sure you have upgraded to the latest Stannp app. PayPal recently made breaking changes which has forced us to update.