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Letters 42p 41p 39p 37p
A6 Postcards 41p 40p 38p 30p
A5 Postcards 44p 43p 41p 33p
A5 Brochure (minimum order) 46.5p
        * All prices include print & post but ex. VAT

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"As a first time user of any soft, don't you tend not to get the logic of the system and dream to smash your computer up and go home instead? When things don't go smooth, would like somebody patient to walk you through setting this up? How happy I am to find a company that attends to your needs with such a care! Allan from tech support was especially helpful and knowledgeable in my case, pointed out my mistakes quickly and helped fixing those that were beyond my understanding. Great customer service, looking forward to doing more work with you! *****"

- inna Kobylchenko

"Excellent experience with Stannp ! The software is compatible with Zapier, so you can basically plug it in in any system, and I'm able to automatically send postcards to my customers without any hassle. Customer service is excellent : they even proactively contacted me because something looked wrong with the data I was sending (it was wrong indeed, and they helped me fix it !)."

- Laurent Breillat

"Really good customer service, Always happy to help. Good quality print and prompt service."

- David Baglietto

"Great customer service, dealt with Mr Stepsky - very professional and friendly gentleman. Highly recommend Stannp for direct mail."

- Karolina Ciolczyk