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Less than
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AdMail &
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Letters 43p 42p 40p 36p
Dependent on print variables
A6 Postcards 42p 41p 39p 30p
A5 Postcards 45p 44p 42p 33p
* All prices include print & post but ex. VAT
** You must adhere to Royal Mail advertising rules to receive admail discount.

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Watch our video teaser to see how easy it is to set up a campaign using our web based platform.

See how a direct mail campaign can be set up and scheduled within minutes.

{Built for developers}

Our APIs are the foundation of our platform. Simple & robust, enabling access to every action or resource.

curl https://api.stannp.com/postcards \
-u {API_KEY}: \
-d "size=A6" \
-d "front=https://www.stannp.com/assets/samples/a6-postcard-front.jpg" \
-d "message=hello world" \
-d "recipient[fullname]=Mr John Smith" \
-d "recipient[address1]=123 Sample Street" \
-d "recipient[town]=Sampletown" \
-d "recipient[postcode]=AB12 3CD" \
-d "recipient[country]=GB"
A simple REST postcard API request.

Our customers love us

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"An excellent company to deal with. What they promise is exactly what you receive. I'd definitely recommend Stannp to anyone."

- elboy4

"A more cost effective service than other mailing houses we have tried. The need to courier pre-printed materials to Devon is currently a downside for us but that could be changed if we asked Stannp to print them. However even with the additional courier cost, it's still working out cheaper than alternative options. Very good customer service too."

- Hilary Coleman

"I used Stannp to send 6000 mail shots for my company and the response was incredible, so much better than previous email campaigns that I have done. Great, friendly genuine team that provide fantastic customer service. I definitely recommend."

- I dratherbeskiing

"Great company, great service, even better price. Will definitely use again."


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Why Hybrid Mail is cheaper than Franking Machines

Why Hybrid Mail is cheaper than Franking Machines

Hybrid mail in simple terms enables Stannp.com to produce mail which only needs one sortation for the Royal Mail to process it.

Normal 2nd class mail sent using a franking machine requires 2 sortations.

As such Royal Mail charge Stannp.com half the price to process the mail.  Stannp.com then pass this cost saving onto you the customer

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Reach Theatregoer Audience With Price-Beating Performance

Reach Theatregoer Audience With Price-Beating Performance

With email opening rates in freefall Stannp.com is turning digital marketing for theatres on its head with direct mail campaigns that can cost less than the price of a postage stamp and achieve impressive response rates.

According to Royal Mail statistics, more than 20 million adults take action as a result of the direct mail they receive, while research specialists at FastMAP report that nine out of 10 people open their direct mail.

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What Is Advertising Mail Compliant?

What Is Advertising Mail Compliant?

The Royal Mail offer a discount for advertising mail but they are very stringent on what they consider to be compliant to qualify for the discount.  In essence to qualify the recipient must not expect to receive it.

The specific critera are that the mail piece is:

  • Contain 100% advertising items *
  • Must be letter, large letter or parcel format
  • More than 4,000 items
  • Largely uniform message

There are many other technical aspects which Stannp.com take care of in terms of data processing, sortation and submitting samples but you don’t need to worry about this we all make it happen seamlessly in the background.

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Triggered Direct Mail Campaigns

Triggered Direct Mail Campaigns

Triggering direct mail

Triggered based campaigns are a way to automate sending out your direct mail. Compared to standard bulk mail campaigns triggered campaigns can produce highly relevant marketing messages at the perfect time.

Triggered campaigns can:

  • Improve customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Reduce set up times.
  • Boost brand awareness.

Campaign examples

  • Welcome messages.
    When a customer first signs up with your company a nice touch is to send a welcome pack.

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Stannp.com Opens a New Office & Warehouse

Stannp.com Opens a New Office & Warehouse

We are delighted to show off our new office and warehouse and we had a bit of a party with clients & suppliers.

We now have 8 digital presses, 3 enveloping lines and 2 guillotines plus a load of finishing equipment.

We can produce a whopping 200,000 items per day.











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Angel Inn Case Study

Angel Inn Case Study


The campaign was to promote a special offer to is previous customers via a direct mail postcard campaign.   The promotion was selling a 3 night package in Jan/Feb/Mar.

The hotel supplied a database 2700 contacts which Stannp.com cleaned and verified the data with its free internal algorithms.

Stannp.com dispatched A5 duplex colour postcards on 300gsm paper.

The campaign was dispatched on 1st November and landed on the doormat 2 working days later.

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