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AdMail &
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A6 Postcards 42p 41p 39p 30p
A5 Postcards 45p 44p 42p 33p
* All prices include print & post but ex. VAT
** You must adhere to Royal Mail advertising rules to receive admail discount.

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Watch our video teaser to see how easy it is to set up a campaign using our web based platform.

See how a direct mail campaign can be set up and scheduled within minutes.

{Built for developers}

Our APIs are the foundation of our platform. Simple & robust, enabling access to every action or resource.

curl https://api.stannp.com/postcards \
-u {API_KEY}: \
-d "size=A6" \
-d "front=https://www.stannp.com/assets/samples/a6-postcard-front.jpg" \
-d "message=hello world" \
-d "recipient[fullname]=Mr John Smith" \
-d "recipient[address1]=123 Sample Street" \
-d "recipient[town]=Sampletown" \
-d "recipient[postcode]=AB12 3CD" \
-d "recipient[country]=GB"
A simple REST postcard API request.

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Ratings and reviews from google

"I've used Stannp several times over the last year to send out complex, deadline-sensitive mailings for a corporate client. Our account manager, Lorien, has always been extremely helpful and responsive. Despite the fact that our projects are low volume, we've received the kind of service that other printers might only deliver to much larger clients. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for your printing and mailing needs."

- Caroline Ferguson

"Great company to work with! Very impressed with the quality of print and service in general. Will definitely be working with them again."

- Kaira Stoakes

"Always a pleasure working with them. They are all very professional, helpful and trustworthy. I will continue working with them as it has been one of the best experiences I have had with a partner so far. I can't help but recommend them . Keep up the good work !"

- Alina Fable Media

"Stannp is a fantastic tool which provides a great marketing method at an incredible price. I must also mention that my account manager, Millie Foster, provides superb customer service and guidance. If you are lucky enough to have her take care of your Stannp experience, I'm sure you will get the most out of the tool."

- Vikrant Singh

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Guide: Place variable images on your mail piece

Guide: Place variable images on your mail piece

Stannp templates enable you to dynamically change an image depending on each recipient. For instance you may be sending one of your customers a postcard with an image of a product that they have shown interest in. Different recipients will have different interests hence the need for a variable image.

Create a template with a dynamic image

Your first step is to create your template. You can create a new campaign to and design a template or if you will be reusing your template you can create it in the designs area.

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Response Rate Trends

Response Rate Trends

  • Direct mail response rates took a tremendous leap in 2016 with a 5.3% response rate to house lists and 2.9% to prospect lists. These are the highest levels the DMA has tracked since 2003. For comparison, in 2015 the rates were 3.7% and 1.0% respectively. In 2010 it was 3.4% and 1.4%.
  • Just like our previous recap of the DMA’s 2015 findings, direct mail response rates blow digital channels out of the water, with no other channel cracking 1%.

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We are PCI DSS compliant

We are PCI DSS compliant

We are pleased to announce we are PCI DSS compliant. This means we have strict policies in place to ensure any data processed with us is handled securely.

Regular third party penetration tests are scheduled to run on our servers which check for vulnerabilities and make sure we keep our software up to date.

You can read about our find our certificate here:  pci_dss_self_assessment_certificate


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Why Hybrid Mail is cheaper than Franking Machines

Why Hybrid Mail is cheaper than Franking Machines

Hybrid mail in simple terms enables Stannp.com to produce mail which only needs one sortation for the Royal Mail to process it.

Normal 2nd class mail sent using a franking machine requires 2 sortations.

As such Royal Mail charge Stannp.com half the price to process the mail.  Stannp.com then pass this cost saving onto you the customer

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Reach Theatregoer Audience With Price-Beating Performance

Reach Theatregoer Audience With Price-Beating Performance

With email opening rates in freefall Stannp.com is turning digital marketing for theatres on its head with direct mail campaigns that can cost less than the price of a postage stamp and achieve impressive response rates.

According to Royal Mail statistics, more than 20 million adults take action as a result of the direct mail they receive, while research specialists at FastMAP report that nine out of 10 people open their direct mail.

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