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See how a direct mail campaign can be set up and scheduled within minutes.

{Built for developers}

Our APIs are the foundation of our platform. Simple & robust, enabling access to every action or resource.

curl https://api.stannp.com/postcards \
-u {API_KEY}: \
-d "size=A6" \
-d "front=https://www.stannp.com/assets/samples/a6-postcard-front.jpg" \
-d "message=hello world" \
-d "recipient[fullname]=Mr John Smith" \
-d "recipient[address1]=123 Sample Street" \
-d "recipient[town]=Sampletown" \
-d "recipient[postcode]=AB12 3CD" \
-d "recipient[country]=GB"
A simple REST postcard API request.

Our customers love us

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"A more cost effective service than other mailing houses we have tried. The need to courier pre-printed materials to Devon is currently a downside for us but that could be changed if we asked Stannp to print them. However even with the additional courier cost, it's still working out cheaper than alternative options. Very good customer service too."

- Hilary Coleman

"I used Stannp to send 6000 mail shots for my company and the response was incredible, so much better than previous email campaigns that I have done. Great, friendly genuine team that provide fantastic customer service. I definitely recommend."

- I dratherbeskiing

"Great company, great service, even better price. Will definitely use again."


"Great service ! Great price ! we have done business for few months now , I could not ask for anymore!"

- Luca Puzzoli

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Stannp.com Opens a New Office & Warehouse

Stannp.com Opens a New Office & Warehouse

We are delighted to show off our new office and warehouse and we had a bit of a party with clients & suppliers.

We now have 8 digital presses, 3 enveloping lines and 2 guillotines plus a load of finishing equipment.

We can produce a whopping 200,000 items per day.











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Angel Inn Case Study

Angel Inn Case Study


The campaign was to promote a special offer to is previous customers via a direct mail postcard campaign.   The promotion was selling a 3 night package in Jan/Feb/Mar.

The hotel supplied a database 2700 contacts which Stannp.com cleaned and verified the data with its free internal algorithms.

Stannp.com dispatched A5 duplex colour postcards on 300gsm paper.

The campaign was dispatched on 1st November and landed on the doormat 2 working days later.

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Guide: Use Zapier triggers to send letters

Guide: Use Zapier triggers to send letters

You may have heard of Zapier by now. It helps you easily connect web services so you don’t have to code API requests.

Imagine you want to trigger sending a letter out using Stannp whenever you have a new customer register on your Magento online shop. With a few clicks Zapier can set that automated process up for you.


So how do we do it?

Step one is to accept our invite by clicking this link.

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eMail Opening Rates Are CRASHING!

eMail Opening Rates Are CRASHING!

eMail Service Providers are suffering from declining opening rates around the world because of a simple and extremely effective rule anyone can set up.

By simply creating an email rule where it looks for the word unsubscribe in the body text of any email it will filter 100% of your emails into the junk folder.

This NO COST solution is so easy to do anyone can set it up in 2 mins flat.

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Guide: How to create letters with our API

Guide: How to create letters with our API

There is not enough hours in the working day, that’s why we offer the ability to automate sending letters using our platform. Our API enables you to programmatically send letters with ease.

Here are a few examples of ways to use our letter API. Examples are shown by screenshots of Postman. Be sure to view our API documentation pages first so you know how to make each request correctly.

Simply supply an existing PDF file

You may already have a PDF file that you want to post.

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Guide: How to import data using the dashboard.

Guide: How to import data using the dashboard.

To send your mail piece you will need to import a list of recipients to our platform. There are multiple ways to achieve this such as using our API to feed data in but the most popular and simple approach is to upload a CSV or Excel file using the dashboard.


The correct format

Your data must be either a CSV file or an xlsx file. When using excel files you must not use multiple sheets or have the file password protected.

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