A Direct Mail Service that is Programmatic

Our secure API is free to all users, providing you full programmatic access to control your Stannp account remotely but securely through a series of simple HTTPS requests.

Why use an API?

The API allows full automation. For instance automatically feed data in real time to enable trigger automated direct mail pieces to be posted. For example sending a welcome letter when a new customer registers on your website or app. Perhaps your CRM system might use the API to send a postcard with a discount code 90 days after a customer's last order, to encourage them to return and spend again. Maybe you have created a cool new app which allows people to send photos as postcards to their friends.

It's super secure

API requests can only be made using A* rated SSL encryption. Every API call to our service requires authenticating, which is done by passing your unique API key along with each request. Remember your API key is essentially your password to your Stannp account, never share this with anybody that you don't want to access your account.

You can find your API key in the dashboard of your account.

To learn more about our API, check out our technical API documentation.