Why partner with Stannp

Stannp's direct mail platform is used by thousands of companies worldwide. For everything from reminder letters to promotional postcards; we've got the solution that truly delivers.

Enhanced Marketing Capabilities

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Streamlined Workflow

Faster and better than our competitors

Access to a Wider Audience

Tools like our radius search and customer insights

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Building an integration

It couldn't be easier, with our well-documented api, you'll have your platform linked with ours in no time.


Using our easy to read api docs, you'll have access to the full rank of features we offer, programmatically.


Once you've completed your integration, let us know, provide your logos and we'll add it to our ever-growing list of integrations.


Make sure your integration is well documented on your site, and send us the same information, we'll make sure it's available here too.

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How to become a partner

Ready to take your first steps? here's how:

Get Acquainted

Using the signup form, tell us a little about yourselves as a company and what you offer. We'll then contact you about your application, and get to know you better.


With the help of our documentation and our dedicated support team, we'll walk you through everything you need to build a fantastic integration.


Once you've done that, we'll let everyone know you're on board, and add your integration to our lists, taking pride of place beside our own handcrafted integrations and those of our other partners.