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About Us

Stannp was incorporated in June 2014, with the purpose of offering a SaaS solution to direct mail; offering companies a fully digital, integrated solution to their direct mail needs.

Our growing team combines professionals with over 30 years’ experience in print and mail and a dynamic an flexible technical and operations team, working together to deliver a great quality service for our customers every day.

Our online platform has thousands of active customers, serviced through our capacity to mail over 100 million items annually for our customer’s campaigns.

Our Vision, Our Mission

Our Vision

Connecting companies with customers through intelligent personalized communication.

Our Mission

To provide SaaS solutions to direct mail; offering companies a fully digital, integrated solution to their direct mail needs.

Why work with us?

We do it your way:
Want to integrate via API? No problem. Prefer to upload direct to our website? We’ve got you covered.
Need help? Just call, email or webchat with our friendly team.

No Job is too big:
Our experienced flexible team and high volume facilities are ready to deliver your campaigns, however many recipients you want to reach.

No job is too small:
We don’t believe in minimum volumes! We’re all about personalization; putting the right campaign into the right person’s hands at the right time.

Speedy service and timely delivery:
We have multiple production facilities and we dispatch daily to inject mail into the relevent carrier, giving you the fastest possible delivery times.
Let us know the date you would like your campaign to arrive and we will dispatch on the right day to hit it.

Transparent pricing:
Our prices are here on our website, with no hidden fees or charges.

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Our Team

  • Fraser Manning

    Managing Director

  • Sam Heaton

    Growth Director

  • Steve Parish

    Technical Director

  • Kevin Woodward

    Finance Director

  • Hayley Kruglow

    HR & Payroll Administrator

  • Lorien Hamilton

    Sales Manager

  • Jem Yildirim

    Account Manager

  • Allan Halford

    Account Manager

  • Adam Rogers

    Campaign Manager

  • Mav Scott

    Web Designer

  • Nathan Wright

    Web Developer

  • Sarah Fursdon

    Operations Manager

  • Charlotte Smiles

    Operations Coordinator

  • Paul Jeffery

    Warehouse Manager

  • Martin Dutt

    Assistant Production Manager

  • Martin Walpole

    Digital Print Operator

  • Martin


  • Josh

    Warehouse Supervisor

  • Shaun Edwards

    Warehouse Operative

  • Alastair Quinton-Tulloch

    Warehouse Operative

  • Serena Rumble

    Warehouse Operative

  • Jack Hills

    Warehouse Operative

  • Tom Amos

    Warehouse Operative

  • Mitch Simpson

    Warehouse Operative

  • Lewis Eastman

    Warehouse Operative

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How do I copy a Campaign?

How do I copy a Campaign?

It is super simple to copy a previous campaign.  Just log into you account and go to “Send Mail” -> “Bulk Campaigns”.  This will show you a list of your previous campaigns.  Then click on “Select Campaigns” and click the tick box next to the campaign you want to copy.   Once you have selected the  campaign you want to copy click on the “Copy Selected” button.

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How To Prove Direct Mail Return On Investment

One of the great things about digital advertising is the fact that everything can be tracked.  From a unique click to a new customer.  This ensures that the ROI of the target can be analysed and that the marketing department can prove that the campaign was a profitable exercise.

Postal direct mail has been around for 50 years before digital advertising and in that time they have developed some tricks of their own.

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How To Prove Direct Mail Return On Investment