Direct Mail Letters

We over spec the quality of the paper so it looks great when it lands!

Our paper stock is 70# with a Z-fold for inserting into a #10 windowed envelope as standard. You can also upgrade to a large window to show off your logo, or another key message.

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Our letter Pricing Mailed to the United States

*All prices are in USD
mailing to the United States 1 to 1000 1001 to 25000 25001 to 50000 50001 or more
8.5x11 Letters 1 to 1000: $0.84 1001 to 25,000: $0.77 25,001 to 50,000:  $0.69 50,001 or more: $0.62
8.5x11 LettersMailed First Class 1 to 1000: $1.09 1001 to 25,000: $1.02 25,001 to 50,000:  $0.94 50,001 or more: $0.87
8.5x11 Letters XL Window 1 to 1000: $0.88 1001 to 25,000: $0.81 25,001 to 50,000:  $0.73 50,001 or more: $0.66

International Mail

*All prices are in USD
Mailing Internationally 1 to 1000 1001 to 25000 25001 to 50000 50001 or more
8.5x11 Letters - United Kingdom 1 to 1000: $1.02 1001 to 25,000: $0.90 25,001 to 50,000:  $0.90 50,001 or more: $0.90
8.5x11 Letters - ROW 1 to 1000: $1.66 1001 to 25,000: $1.05 25,001 to 50,000:  $1.05 50,001 or more: $1.05
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We make it intuitive and simple to use.


We mail your campaigns within 24 hours!


Tracking from creation to delivery & recipient engagement.


Our pricing is a PAYG model with no subscriptions & no hidden fees.


Targeted individual messages, triggered on demand.


We are HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Windowed Envelopes

We use a windowed envelope so we don't have to match a letter with a envelope. This means we have full integrity on the mailing and you can have confidence that the right letters gets to the right recipient every time.


Oversized Windowed Envelopes

By using an oversized windowed envelope you can have your logo display in the window also so the recipient of the letter knows exactly who it is from. This reduced the need for printing on the envelope which is not possible for short runs because it is not commercially viable to do so.


We have a robust reporting dashboard, allowing you real-time insight into campaign delivery status and also mail piece engagement. You can also view historical campaigns for proof of delivery.


Use both sides!
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Use Both Sides

It's so easy to forget that a piece of paper has two sides! Many organizations only print on the back of a letter if there are too many words to fit on the front.

We think that's missing a trick - the back of any letter is perfect real estate for adding a compelling offer, increasing your conversion rates and ROI!

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Mailpiece design guides

This section contains our letter design guides required to create an effective mailpiece that will connect you with your clients without a fuss.

To better understand this useful resource, we advise you download our Guide to Stannp design guides (A quick rundown of the ins and outs of our design guides and how to use them effectively)

8.5x11 Letter

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