Stannp.com's fantastic Zipcode Radius Search (ZRS) service is available to all Stannp customers on a pay as you go basis, allowing you to create a recipient group of potential new customers with just a couple of clicks.

Key Features

Easily select a Zipcode area.

Target or exclude specific streets.

Specify exactly how many recipients you send to.

Contact similar prospects to your current customers.

Choose residential addresses, businesses, or everyone.

How to use Zipcode Radius Search

You can access ZRS from the select data screen, when you creating a campaign, from your account dashboard, or from your recipient groups page.

Simply enter your target Zipcode, choose your radius distance and filtering options, and click the 'create group' button.

The ZRS produces a new recipient group, which will by default will be named “Radius Search - Zipcode - Radius Distance”, for example 'Radius Search - 90210 - 1.20miles'. You can rename the group in your recipient groups page if you would prefer it to be called something else.

You can tell ZRS groups apart from other data sets because they have the icon 'hidden' next to the group name. This is because they are special data sets we have created for you to use, rather than data sets you own.

You can use the ZRS data sets as the recipients for any campaigns you wish to send but will be unable to view the recipients in the group. Campaigns sent using ZRS data sets are charged in exactly the same way as any other campaigns you send through the Stannp platform; all addresses in ZRS data sets are verified addresses.

Businesses of all sorts are already benefiting from this service; Perhaps you're in Real estate, and having just sold a house on a specific street you would like to encourage other local residents to sell with you too? Zipcode Radius Search can help you with that.

Maybe you running a networking event, and you want to send an invite to all businesses within a certain distance of the venue? Zipcode Radius Search can help you with that. Perhaps you run a local retail business, and would like to send a special offer to all residents within 5 miles of your premises? Zipcode Radius Search can help you with that.

Or maybe you are a car dealer group with multiple dealerships across the USA, and would like to contact all businesses within 15 miles of each site to alert them to your new fleet car leasing deals? Zipcode Radius Search can help you with that.

There are literally hundreds of possible uses for this fantastic service.

Who benefits using Zipcode Radius Search?

Start saving time and money

Make your life easier while growing your business.