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Unlike other Direct Mail providers, with Stannp.com You only ever pay for what you send, when you send it. Our service is truly 'Pay as You Go'; no minimum send, no minimum spend, no sign up fees, no monthly charges, no subscriptions. Not only do you only pay for what you send, our transparent public pricing means you always know in advance what your campaign is going to cost.

Simply top up your balance, set up your campaigns, and leave our system to do the rest!

Our flexible system is designed around you and can be configured to suit your preferred way of working;

Upload campaigns directly through our easy to use interface as and when you want to send them.

Use date-based triggers to dispatch based on specific dates by customer (for example renewal dates).

Use our E-commerce integrations to connect your Stannp.com account with your online store and send personalised campaigns based on shopper's behaviours.

Use our Zapier integration to instantly connect Stannp with 1,000+ other apps to automate direct mail tasks and build work flows that suit your business needs.

Use our API to access and control your stannp account remotely from your CRM or any other API enabled system.