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Our easy to use system allows you to create and trigger multiple templates for your campaigns, or even use completely different images and text for each recipient. This flexibility allows you to structure your campaigns to suit your needs, for example;

A/B Testing (also known as split testing) is a great way to optimise your campaign performance and improve your Return on Investment (ROI). Test your creative ideas against each other to see which generates the greatest response from your recipients.

Personalization is proven to increases response rates, influences purchasing behaviour, and build customer loyalty. As well as personalizing your text, why not try adding a dynamic image source to customise your image(s) for a truly personalized campaign?

Date driven campaigns are a fantastic way to ensure your campaigns get your recipient at the perfect moment. Use date-based triggers to dispatch campaigns based on dates that are significant to each customer.

Great examples include;

Send a special offer on the anniversary of signing up for your service.

Send a greeting card timed to arrive on their birthday.

Send a reminder letter 3 weeks before their renewal date.

Send a special offer 90 days after their last purchase to encourage customers to spend again.