Trusted by Industry Leading Companies

Trusted by Industry Leading Companies


We support many ways of integrating with us and it all depends on the level of development resources at your disposal. Try using Zapier or Make to quickly get an integration live or if you want a more powerful and cheaper integration connect to our API.


API Integration

Our whole platform is built on an API framework and everything you can do within the self-service platform can also be replicated seamlessly via the API. You will find your secure API key in your account settings. We also fully support this with a dedicated API integration team. Just reach out to us and we will connect you to them.

Built for Developers

You can integrate with our API directly and seamlessly send direct mail. If you don't have a developer on hand use our no code solution with Zapier or Make everything is ready to go.



We have multiple webhooks for various things and we can post back to you live data on mail piece & campaign status codes, engagement tracking and black lists.


We are a security-first platform and our team puts security at the heart of our culture. We operate weekly penetration testing, two-factor authentication, SFTP for all data exchange off-platform, Security Scorecard A Rating, GDPR & ISO 9001/27001 compliant and are USPS CASS Certified.



Pre-built communication journeys for every type of user. It's so simple to create across Direct mail and SMS. Start drip feeding communications on an individual basis.

Start saving time and money

Make your life easier while growing your business.