Direct Mail Greetings Cards

Self-mailers open up to make a big hit when they arrive.

Our Greetings Cards are on 300gsm silk stock. They always look great on arrival & provide a perfect platform for communicating compelling offers.

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Our greetings card Pricing Mailed to the United Kingdom

*All prices are in GBP
mailing to the United Kingdom Less than 4000 or not admail 4,000 or more & admail 20,000 or more & admail 50,000 or more & admail
Tabbed Greeting Cards Less than 4,000 or not Admail: £0.99 4,000+: £0.69 20,000+: £0.59 50,000+: £0.49

International Mail

Mailing Internationally Less than 4,000
Tabbed Greetings Card Less than 4,000 or Not Admail: £1.45
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* All prices include print & UK post but ex. VAT

Why use our service


Tracking from creation to delivery & recipient engagement.


It has a 99% open rate (the dog chews 1%)


Make Your Offer Stand Out!


A/B test across formats and data groups.


We make it intuitive and simple to use.


We are HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Proof of Delivery

Every mail piece has a unique ID contained within a smart barcode. Using a live feed of Royal Mail data we track your mail from dispatch to landing. You can see a PDF proof of every item sent in case you ever need to confirm what exactly was shipped. This information is live in you dashboard & its simple and easy to find.


Carbon Neutral

We are taking steps now to reduce our carbon footprint. We print mail at production centres closest to the designation to reduce the number of trucks required to ship it. We also have carbon neutral energy production and we plant more trees than we chop down.

Print Network

We have created a national network of leading print suppliers. This gives you access to the best print technology at a fraction of the regular cost. This network gives us flexibility in the case of force majeure events like storms. We can also print nearer to your addressees so that we're only having your mail on a truck for the last portion of the journey.


A/B test your creative!
Top tip toptip icon

We all know a picture paints a thousand words, what about two pics? A self-mailer is the perfect place to A/B test not only message, but also imagery.

When combining your imagery with an attractive offer there's every chance of a campaign that outperforms most of your digital channels!

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Mailpiece design guides

This section contains our greetings card design guides required to create an effective mailpiece that will connect you with your clients without a fuss.

To better understand this useful resource, we advise you download our Guide to Stannp design guides (A quick rundown of the ins and outs of our design guides and how to use them effectively)


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