Seemless integration with a vast array of services

Integrate Stannp direct mail with your other platforms, systems and activities for maximum impact.


Our E-commerce integrations work with Magento, PrestaShop and WooCommerce to connect your Stannp.com account with your online store, allowing you to send personalised campaigns based on customer's behaviours and buying patterns.

Celebrate your highest value customers with an offer or event invite on the anniversary of their first purchase.

Abandoned carts? Recover abandoned sales with a bespoke postcard giving your customer an image of the product they were browsing, and a personalised URL to purchase the item.

Remind gone away customers of how great your service is with personalised 'we miss you' letter and voucher.


Use our Zapier integration to instantly connect Stannp with over 1,000 other apps to automate direct mail tasks and build work flows that suit your business needs.

Perhaps you use Salesforce and want to send a postcard to new contacts as they come in? there's a Zap for that.

Maybe your site is built on Shopify and you want to send a welcome letter to all new customers? there's a Zap for that.

Perhaps your company LinkedIn page is generating lots of interest? Why not send all new subscribers a thank you postcard? There's a Zap for that too.

The list of possible Zaps is almost limitless; if you can think of it you can probably zap it!

API Integration

As well our E-commerce and Zapier integrations, our platform is fully REST API enabled. Use our API to access and control your stannp account remotely from your CRM or any other API enabled system.

Direct Upload

If our integrations don't suit your business needs, you can use our easy to use interface to build your direct mail campaigns as and when you want to send them. These can either be sent as a single campaign at once or you can use date-based triggers to dispatch based on specific dates for each customer (for example renewal dates).

Our Integrations

Our platform communicates with an ever growing number of online services and applications