Data Mine Your Users

So let’s set the scene, you’re a digital advertiser. You have a strict ROI to hit, have multiple channels switched on and a boss cracking the whip and demanding that you increase sales. In your mix of channels you:

  • Have hit the glass ceiling with PPC because the search volume is limited and the market is saturated. The clicks you are buying are converting well but you can not scale this up further.
  • You have an affiliate network which 80% of the sales come from a few choice partners and is steadily growing.
  • Facebook and Twitter have been tried but they are easy to burn through budget and even though you generate likes and follows the sales conversions are thin on the ground.
  • Banner retargeting is working and you are building your audiences to remarket to, but it is taking time.
  • The site has 60,000 customers over the last 5 years. CRM emails go out regularly but the opening rate is dropping.

When considering the next channel to optimise there are always lots of new shinny platforms to test but we think it is worth looking at your existing customers in a little more detail for a moment. These lapsed customers are qualified hot leads, in that: they want to buy your product; are aware of your brand, because they have bought from you before.

If the users who are not opening emails are segmented these people are basically being ignored by you and should be considered as a pot of untapped gold!

Why have they not come back? It could be that you have simply ignored them, they might have had a bad experience, they could be buying from your competitor. Any number of possible scenarios could be true but what is important is that you have a strategy to re-engage them.

So what options are available to you? Well it all depends on the data you hold on them. If you have their phone number you can call them but this can be costly, time consuming and eats up resources. If you have their mobile number you can text them. This is cost effective and can work. You hold the postal data on them as you delivered the product they bought from you you can mail to them. can send a real postcard to them for as little as 25p printed and posted in the UK when rolling out to large volumes. Normal campaigns are for 5-10,000 cards and we charge a rate of 30p. We are so confident it will work we are willing to give you 200 cards free so you can prove the ROI and roll out.