Last Updated; 16th October 2020

Here at Stannp we are working hard to make sure that we can carry on our business as usual, helping you to carry on your business as usual. 

Current Status

UK Postal services

There may be delays in some areas, due to Coronavirus related absences at local mail centres or delivery offices, but The Royal Mail continues to work hard to collect, process and deliver as much mail as possible in these difficult circumstances.

Some areas of the country have been experiencing bottle necks and a slowdown in delivery due to Coronavirus-related absences and huge surge in demand for parcel deliveries.  The good news is The Royal Mail have resumed Saturday deliveries which should help speed up the delivery of mail.

(updated 2nd July 2020). You can see current network status on the Royal Mail Service update page.

Here at Stannp we remain operational as normal and continue to hand over your mail to Royal Mail on time. But if you are worried about delays with your campaigns for either first or second class post then we suggest you book them earlier and or think about extending your call to action date to help mitigate any potential delay in delivery.

If your mailing is urgent, prior to booking, please do get in touch and we will be happy to give you the best guidance we can.

As things change, we will keep you posted!

(Updated 29th March 2020) USPS says it is seeing only minor operational impacts on US Postal services as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. USPS has been designated an essential service and will continue to operate. The latest information from USPS is available on their USPS Service Alerts website.

What is Stannp Doing?

Our Team have put plans in place to ensure that we can continue to operate and support your business. Steps we have taken so far include;

  • Cloud Hosting;  The Stannp platform is built to be fully API enabled, and is cloud hosted across multiple servers. You can check our platform availability and uptime on our Service Status Monitor page.
  • Remote Access; All of our digital processes can be run remotely. Technical, operations, admin and sales staff and Directors now have the ability to work from home and have full remote access to our systems and phones.
  • Print Production; Physical print production requires our team members to be onsite running our production equipment. Our full Warehouse has been reorganised to incorporate the 2 meter social distancing rule.
  • In the worst case scenario of an occurrence of COVID-19 within our production team that shift will be sent home to self isolate. Our production facilities will be deep cleaned, and after a suitable delay (current guidance is 48hrs) another shift will be able to resume production.
  • Skeleton Staff; We have reduced the number of staff in our production facilities down to the minimum numbers that will still allow us to achieve production.
  • Social Distancing; Our production team are working hard at achieving #SocialDistancing whilst at work, with special measures in place to minimise the number of staff each day to just those we need to meet customer demand, and restrict use of break rooms and other social congregation areas.
  • Supporting Clinical Services; For the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Stannp team will be doing everything we can to support the NHS and other vital public services. This includes prioritising NHS mail going through our network, and offering special pricing for public health mailings. If you are a clinical /public health organisation and would like more information please contact us on 01271 34507 or contact@stannp.com.

We’ve also stepped up our daily cleaning regimes throughout our production and office facilities in order to minimise the risk of infection.

Rest assured, we are still able to deliver your postal campaigns whatever your business need. 

For more helpful hints, tips, guides and info find us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn, or feel free to speak to your account manager if you have any questions or need any help.

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