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How Direct Mail Delivered 700% ROI for E-commerce Retailer

Gemporia, an E-Commerce Platform and Jewelry TV shopping channel, was seeking a marketing solution with a personal touch that effectively retain previous big spend customers.

Gemporia’s primary goal was to reactivate former advocates who were high-value, frequent spenders, specifically those of which were not effectively being reached by other channels such as email marketing. 

Gemporia’s team found that other forms of marketing and advertising communications, such as relying solely on email to engage with their older customer base, was ineffective in reaching and engaging with their target audience. For Gemporia, the solution was utilizing a strategy that effectively delivered company milestones, news, highlights, and discounts across their website to their loyal customer base.

Ultimately, this limited the control Gemporia’s team had with effectively reaching its big spending customers, and building its brand loyalty within the hearts and mind of their customer base. Especially considering their older customer base, aged 45-80, issues of no email address or cleared emails from the system became a persistent 

That’s where the power of utilizing Stannp.com’s technology came in – allowing Gemporia to send their advertising mail directly to the doors of customers.

‘’Stannp.com was recommended by a trusted friend who loved the ease of service. We haven’t looked back since. If you’re not using it already, give it a go!’’ 

The power of nurturing customer relationships through the personability of direct mail comes down to its tangibility in the consumer’s home, head, and hearts.

  • In the home: Mail is kept in the average UK household for 17 days 
  • In the head: Mail works on a neurological level, resonating with people due to its instinctive and easy-to-remember nature
  • In the heart: 57% of consumers claim receiving mail makes them feel more valued 

Source: Market Reach 


With the challenge of customers being inaccessible via email, or being cleaned from the system, Roz Crombie, Gemporia’s Email and CRM Manager, shared that they were seeking a service that could efficiently engage and reactivate these customers. 

Gemporia had previously used direct mail to re-engage with existing customers, but never in a controlled and strategic manner; using it secondary to other channels. However, after experiencing the ease of Stannp.com’s interface and technology in uploading, sending and tracking direct mail campaigns, Gemporia’s team experienced the benefits of having full control over their direct mail marketing strategy: from conception, to delivery, to tracking ROI.

‘’I’m really, really happy with it, and it is so nice to have all of that control over the entire process’’. 

Engaging with customers solely through email is not only hindered by the customer age and communication preference. In fact, email rates, generally, have been steadily decreasing – with privacy protection measures continuing to jeopardize open rates for marketers, globally. 

Source: Constant Contact 

Hence, Gemporia’s biggest challenge came from effectively reaching and re-activating customers through relying on email alone. Naturally, this resulted in Gemporia missing huge windows for opportunity in engaging with these customers and previously large spenders. 

Essentially, direct mail offers that certainty of being seen:

  • 60% of consumer advertising mail is opened
  • 56% of consumers have purchased after receiving mail  

Source: Central Mailing


Gemporia’s Direct Mail Campaigns:

Showing their value to their customer base through personalized direct mail campaigns was a priority of Gemporia’s, as 75% of their traffic is direct, so they experience a very engaged and loyal customer base. 

Understanding the value of communicating with existing customers in a way that best suits their interests and values, Gemporia’s team wanted to find an effective way to engage with their audience and differentiate themselves in the market. 

Following the success of Gemporia’s first direct mail campaign sent with Stannp.com’s user-friendly technology and simple design options, it became clear to Gemporia’s marketing team that deploying direct mail as a controlled and tested marketing solution was the hidden gem in their strategy. 

Personalization as the Key to Effective Marketing:

At the crux of the effectiveness of direct mail marketing is its ability to deliver a personalized message to each and every customer, optimizing the customer’s marketing experience with the brand. 

Direct mail campaigns can be utilized in a way that personalizes and segments your marketing messages to target specific customers within your database, and this could prove to be a critical component of your marketing strategy – enabling higher conversion rates and creating increased brand loyalty. 

Source: Tech Target

As a Gemstone retailer that relies largely on their E-Commerce website for sales, Gemporia’s direct mail campaigns included clear calls to action to their website, with exclusive QR codes and discount codes offered as a means of personally acknowledging previous high-value customers.

Their direct mail marketing campaigns reflected their USP as educational gemstone providers, with Stannp.com’s simple user-interface allowing personalized designs to be uploaded on the platform. 

The educational piece of Gemporia’s jewelry and gemstones is what separates them from competition. Through Stannp.com’s easy-to-use technology, their direct mail campaigns were able to reflect the company’s core values and beliefs in a way that reflects the interests of these otherwise neglected customers, delivered to their front door. Offering exclusive QR codes within these campaigns offered the perfect opportunity to increase brand loyalty, highlighting that acknowledging customer loyalty is at the heart of what Gemporia does.

Following a testing period of Stannp.com’s print quality and the time it took to land on doors, Roz Crombie was able to utilize Stannp’s free credit to send herself the campaign in the first instance. This transparency in our service is what sets us apart… 

‘’I was really, really impressed by the personal level of service considering the affordable price and ease of service’’

Following the success of Gemporia’s first direct mail campaign sent with Stannp.com, our service was re-used to celebrate Gemporia’s 19 years of triumph and growth – with A6 postcards sent to high-value customers, including exclusive updates on special industry guests to best engage with customers. 

To celebrate this success, Gemporia offered exclusive discount codes, as well as other CTAs to the E-Commerce website, such as QR codes.

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Why Stannp.com? Because We Deliver (Results)

For Gemporia, with a large proportion of their customer base being older, and with their previous strategy focusing heavily on eCRM, they needed a more effective way to reach their customers, especially those without email addresses or who had been removed from their email lists.

They chose to use an online tool to facilitate their direct mail efforts, allowing for more efficient campaign management. They utilized QR codes and an easy-to-use interface, which enabled them to measure the success of their campaigns. This tool also allowed for easy tracking and analysis of ROI and customer engagement. 

The simplicity of uploading their campaign designs through Adobe suite and PDF upload was a stand-out feature for Gemporia.

‘’The Stannp.com platform is so user-friendly, yet the possibilities are crazy. It can be as simple and complicated as you want it to be’’

The direct mail campaign achieved impressive results with a 700% ROI across two campaigns. This was a significant improvement for Gemporia, providing an incremental gain in their marketing efforts. By targeting customers who didn’t have a current email address, Gemporia successfully reactivated a large portion of their customer base.

Using QR codes, discount codes and unique codes, they were able to track and measure customer engagement effectively. The reporting dashboard and integrated system made it easy to see who had received their mail and what purchases were made.

Stannp.com and Gemporia, Going Forward

Combining the power of direct mail with Stannp.com’s innovative, affordable, transparent technology allows for the perfect addition to an E-commerce’s marketing strategy, and Gemporia endeavors to continue to nurse this community feel within their customer base.

Gemporia plans to further optimize their direct mail efforts by investigating triggers, implementing A/B testing, and using dynamic fields for more personalized content – all features enabled by Stannp.com’s innovative and ever-developing technology. 

In summary, Gemporia found direct mail to be a valuable addition to their marketing strategy, and they recommended others to give it a try. The user-friendly online tool, cost-effectiveness, and control over the entire process made it a successful and highly efficient solution for their marketing needs.

Leverage the full potential of direct mail and boost your ROI by utilizing all of Stannp.com’s integrated features. Get started today, for free, by signing up on our registration page.