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Can I upload documents, without having to upload a campaign?

Yes, if your system produces pre laid up documents which just need to be printed and mailed, our “Virtual Printer” product can handle this.  It is simple to do, just upload the PDF document and then tell the system how many pages are in each mail pack (1-10 pages) and the postage class you wish, …

What if I have a problem?

Use our online chat to talk to someone instantly, Email us or call the Stannp Team on 1-888-321-2148.  We are available weekdays 9am – 5.30pm MST and are happy to help in any way.

Can I send myself a sample?

Yes! Each account is loaded with $2 for you to use to try out  If you are looking for a range of samples to be sent to you, please just contact us and we can have a sample pack mailed to you.

Can I personalise my mail?

Yes, when designing your mail piece you can add any variables used in your data to personalize you items.   These include variable text live Dear {firstname}, unique variable voucher codes or even variable images of products. If you’d like to learn more about dynamic content and personalisation, check out our step by step guide (click …